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I paid the highest cost || all that I am was lost

Seth Nightlord
18 August
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when i am queen

Seth Nightlord - the youngest of the Red Mars Baby. Former Lieutenant of the UNASF and Head of the Science Department. With the present alibi of being 'a simple pretty girl' in the Empire. The pretty girl who happens to be the eternal and almighty Empress Augusta Vradica. Ruler and founder of the Methuselah Empire. Beneath the great ruler and simple girl is the monster, crusnik 03. Waiting to strike down those who harm her children or stand in the way.

The enemy of some. The friend of a few. The mother of many. Holding onto a mothers love, a sisters devotion and monsters greed.


Seth Nightlord/Trinity Blood belong to Sunao Yoshida. PB is Zooey Deschanel, used because novel Seth =/= manga Seth. TL;DR explanation available if desired.